Chris Spaeth's Work

A collection of my art, music, and other creative projects.

The Chippewa Valley Cultural Association invited my mother, painter Kathleen Spaeth, and I to exhibit our work in the Heyde Center in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin during August 2005.

These are all the photographs displayed in the show as well as some snapshots of the completed show and the August 3rd opening. -Chris
                      Type X                             Shadow Cast by Railing and Plant

Workshop w/ Green Light             Green Junk                  Dangerous Walk

      Neighbors' at Night               Refrozen Ice               Window & 2 Reflections

                  Circle of Orange Light                         Sleepy Self-Portrait

           Chair Shadow                                  Cool Glass of Water

Note: In Chris Sets Up below, Mom and I coordinated two works with the same subject, a watercolor and a photo (see Neighbors' at Night above).
   Unofficial Show Flyer (my design)                       Chris Sets Up

               Completed Show                            Show Opens, Mom Smiles